Meet Our Vendor Partners: Music Unlimited

Music Unlimited

I had the opportunity to chat with Tim Sewcyck about his business Music Unlimited.  Tim is the owner and operator of Music Unlimited a Mobile Disc Jockey business.  He serves the area of Southwest MI but has traveled to South Bend, Chicago, and other nearby Michigan cities.  He has over 25 years of experience as a Disc Jockey.

How long have you been a DJ?

I have been a DJ for 29 years.  Thursday November 6th 2014 was my 22nd anniversary of owning the business. Music Unlimited was started in 1978 and the owner was ready to retire and I decided to buy the business from him.  I usually work with an assistant, it helps minimize setup and tear down times and also frees up some of my time to work with the clients.

How long have you worked with Classic Catering & Events?

For as long as they have been in business, Brett, Cheri and the Staff at Classic Catering are great!

How many weddings have you DJed?

Hundreds of weddings over the years, I have some great memories from working with so many couples.


What types of events do you DJ?

I don’t do many other events other than weddings.

Do you meet with your clients?

I like to meet in person if possible but with it being a busy time for a couple planning a wedding or even planning a wedding from out-of-town; sometimes it is easier to Skype or Face-time or just email each other.

I always provide my clients with a folder of information about my business that includes: pictures of past events I DJed, thank you cards from former clients, and the questionnaire.

I make sure to ask what venue their reception at so they know I am familiar with the place and the area.

What kinds of equipment do you have?

Only professional, no home stereo equipment .  The brands I use a range from Numark, Shure, Rane, Denon, BBE, and Mackie.  I use a computerized digital music system along with the ability to utilize CDs and mp3 players.

The speakers I use are Mackie Active or Powered Speakers, each has an amplifier built into it, so if one speaker should fail the other continues to work.  I have backups with me just in case.

I also offer Up-Lighting as an option to my couples, it is a great way to add light and color to any venue.  The units I have are battery operated, so no messy and unsightly cords and they can also be put in “sound activated” mode and work with the dance floor light show, together it makes for an exciting dance atmosphere.

I recently add two new “moving head” light fixtures to my dance floor light show, it makes the dance floor a fun place to be.


Have you ever had a problem arise with equipment?  How did you or would you handle that type of situation?

It is rare but that’s why I always have back-ups.  You have to be prepared as best you can with your equipment, just in case.

How do you keep your music collection up to date?

I use a professional service that updates new music as it is licensed and released.  This music service sends me new music every month.  I upload it to the computer.  My equipment has a main computer and we carry at least 2 other backup laptops just in case.

I have a standard wedding dance music play list because people like to dance to those popular songs, both new and old, but I take requests from the guests during the reception so everyone get to enjoy the dance floor.  When new music comes out that I know people want to hear, I add it accordingly or adjust to my couples preference.


How involved can your clients be when choosing the music playlists?

I have a spot on the questionnaire for all of the important songs for dances, the first dance, bridal party, the couple and their parent dances.  So many couples are into the music and I encourage requests from my couples because I want it to be the way they want it.  I recognize this is their day and I want it to go exactly the way they picture it to go.

Can you also provide ceremony music as well?

Many times each year I provide music and mics for a couple’s wedding ceremony, sometimes at a beach, the band shell or at one of the barn venues we have in our area.  I have a second set of equipment to use for the ceremony because many times at an outdoor wedding it is difficult to hear the minister or the vows from the couple.  I will mic the minister and the groom and the bride can be heard through the groom’s mic.  That way all the guests can hear the wedding.

music unlimtied 1

What do you wear?

I typically wear a suit and tie because most weddings are formal attire.

What sets you apart from other DJs?

Experience and attention to detail, I listen to my clients and I have things done just the way they want.  I have been a wedding DJ for a long time and the questionnaire I have developed for my couples helps to ensure we have all of the details covered and in the order they prefer.  This allows me to know step by step what will be taking place throughout the reception and work with the other professionals so we are all on the same page and make a great team for our couples.

I have a great reputation and professional relationship with the other wedding professionals in the area.  They know I am there to help make their day a success any way I can.

music unlimited

Take a look at Music Unlimited’s website to learn more about his exceptional music service for your next event!

Music Unlimited Website

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