Meet our Vendor Partner: Acorn Theater

The Acorn Theater was the venue we had our last group tasting at on November 23rd. It is located in 3 Oaks, Michigan, the building is over 100 years old and was an old corset factory. Now renovated to be a performance venue as well as event venue. The Acorn houses a historic Barton theater pipe organ from 1931 which is one of few in the nation.

I sat down with Sandra the manager of The Acorn Theater, to talk about the venue. She has been with the Acorn since April 1, 2013. She described it as “A unique venue with a rustic barn vibe, which is popular for today’s weddings, without it being a barn.” There is a stage with theater seating, two balconies, and a large vaulted ceiling.

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How would you describe The Acorn?
The feel of The Acorn is relaxed and inviting. The owners, Kim Clark and David Fink, want patrons and the bands that come to preform to feel like family. They make the performers feel welcome by making home cooked meals. They know they are on the road for long periods of time when on tour and they want to make sure they get a nice meal, when they come play at here.

What kinds of events do you have at The Acorn?

The types of events that regularly take place at The Acorn are concerts and plays, open mic night (every Tuesday night), and benefits with live music. Other events that take place are private receptions, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, holiday parties and corporate events.
There was a big Halloween party with the Ronald McDonald house and it was a huge hit! There was a band and silent auction. They also utilized the large projector screen we have with a slideshow of pictures during their event.
We especially love Christmas here, we go a little nuts with the decorations. We have lots of holiday shows, and continue to have open mics on through December. We just put on a play “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


What is the capacity for the theater?

The capacity for the theater is 260 for a show. We can seat 180 for a sit down dinner. For a seated dinner it can fit four tables of ten inside the theater, and a few tables on the balcony.

What type of seating is available?

For an event you must provide your own tables and chairs but the theater chairs are available for use. The staff at The Acorn is happy to help with the set-up. We even allow events to come in a day early to decorate if there isn’t another event going on.

Is there a kitchen or other amenities available?

There is a kitchen available for use for a couple to bring in a caterer. There is a bar with bar tenders. As well as an in house sound system, if there is a wedding reception a couple is able to give our sound tech their music and he can play it for them throughout the reception as well as make announcements.

However we have access to great musicians and are happy to suggest bands for events. We have a large backyard we are working on renovating, to make our space more accessible for events. We are also working on launching a sister website for “Weddings at The Acorn”. We really want to get the word out that we are not just a music venue but an event venue as well.

What is something different about The Acorn?

We rely heavily on volunteers here. They are what makes the acorn run. They take the tickets, usher, and help with the pre-show preparation.

What is something unique that The Acorn does?

We also have an annual Singer Songwriter Competition that is a lot like American idol. We have applicants submit their songs via recording and choose the top artists and have them preform live and let the audience vote on the winner.


The Acorn Theater is closed Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday (or by reservation only). It is also closed for the season from January through April (or by reservation only).

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