Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

Rice crispy treats bring out the kid in everyone.  They are an easy to make dessert and always a hit!  Dress up your rice crispy treats for Halloween with these fun Halloween inspired designs.  There’s even a pumpkin spice flavor recipe!  Remember you can use regular rice crispies if you creating a shape or dying the cereal to create a shape.  But for other looks or tastes try other cereals such as cocoa pebbles or even cocoa rice cripsies.  You can always dip your rice crispy treats in chocolate or candy melts to create different colors and characters!


Black and Orange

These are nice and simple if you don’t want to get to complicated.  Just melt your favorite chocolate and dip the rice crispies in, then dip it in festive sprinkles!


This was made with a little orange dye and a Tootsie roll!


These owls are look like they were dipped in chocolate which makes the stick come in handy but also makes them cute to display.  Candy corn nose and chocolate melts for eyes, (or use mini Oreos!) whoo wouldn’t be excited about these!

Candy Corn

Candy corn isn’t really a great candy but it looks great when it’s really a rice crispy treat in disguise!

Frankenstein’s Monster

These green guys just have a taste of chocolate for their hair!

Monsters Inc

One Disney character that is just so simple to create is Mike with his round green body, and large cyclops eye!

Monsters Dipped in Chocolate

For the chocolate lovers, these monsters are polka-dotted with M&M’s and half Oreos with the cream side for eyes!

Ninja Turtles

These super heroes are easy to make without being a perfect resemblance, they just need to have their colored bandannas over their eyes to be iconic!


Grab white chocolate candy melts and cute sticks and you can make a ghost with no hassle!  Easy for kids to help!


These rice crispies are dressed up as sushi!  Sweetish Fish, colored sugar sprinkles, and fruit rolls create the perfect treat sushi!

Pumpkin Spice Flavored

If you aren’t into decorating but want to wow your guests with flavor try making your rice crispies pumpkin spice flavored.

Candy Loaded

Halloween is the perfect time to add extra sweets to your treats!  Take your favorite candy and mix it right in while you making your rice crispies.

Witch Hat

If you don’t want to make individual treats you could make an impressive center piece like a witch’s hat!  Add some color or shapes with frosting or fondant to dress it up!

Halloween Characters

Buy colored chocolate melts and choose what face you want to put on your square to create an assortment of spooky good treat pops!

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