DIY Home Organize

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the things you have to get done let alone all the things in your life?  We all do at times and the best way to deal with juggling everything is to get organized!  Making sure you have a place for everything and know where things are when you need them can simplify your life.  Let alone rid you house of unnecessary clutter.  If everything has a place then hopefully you and the rest of your household can learn to put things back where they belong after they are used.  Half the battle is figuring out where everything should go.  Here are some pins for the home to help figure out where those places should be in your home.


Fridge Organizer

The best place to keep your grocery list is on the fridge.  Make sure you buy a notepad with a magnet on the back (the $1 Spot at Target always has them) or buy magnets and glue one on the back of a notepad.  Use magnets to glue on a tin or other items to keep your fridge organized with writing utensils or other things you would like to find easily.

Tea Organizer

This doesn’t have to be just for tea lovers.  You could create a small shelf for coffee or other regularly used kitchen items like spices.

Bathroom Organizer

If you have a small bathroom take to the walls.  Create a holder for the bathroom items you want within reach without taking up counter space.

Battery Box

Keep things together that belong together.  Finding a place to put things and keeping them together will allow you to see when you are running low on something that you will need to purchase the next time you go to the store.

Organize Chargers

You don’t have to make something like this even a box or clear plastic cosmetic bag will do the trick.  Your charger will be easy to find and last longer if you keep them untangled and safely tucked away.

A Place for Shoes

This bench was created out of an old painted wooden box.

Tight Space Book Shelf

This simple book shelf is perfect for a small space that won’t allow room for a regular bookshelf.  It is also cheaper than a bookshelf and you can paint it any color you would like.

Utilize Inside Doors

Inside doors can be used to store craft items on bars or hooks.  Shoes racks made to go over doors are great re-purposed for cleaning items, to go tumblers, or many other items.

Also Cabinet Doors/ Use Magnetic Stripes

Magnetic stripes are a great way to free up space and find those small items that get lost in the bathroom drawer.

Once you have everything organized you will find it easier to clean your home and you’ll be ready to have friends over to entertain!  Now you can plan that Halloween party!

For more Pin worthy ideas check out this Buzz Feed article.  We found a great deal of our favorite pins in this article.  It has 50 ways to organize your home!  Happy organizing!


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