Crazy for Candy Corn!

Now while you may not be crazy about the flavor or texture of candy corn, most of us can agree it is the perfect ombre color palette inspiration for Halloween!  We made a list of our favorite Pinterest pins of the iconic Halloween candy in different treats and drinks!  While there may be some people who do actually like the taste of candy corn, we’re pretty certain it has stayed on the store shelves for cosmetic reasons.  To use as decoration or garnish for a Halloween baked good.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Candy Corn Cookies

Candy Corn Jar Cupcake

Mini Candy Corn Cookies

Rice Crispy Treat Candy Corn

Candy Corn Pop Corn

Candy Corn Martini

Candy Corn Pops

Candy Corn Cake

Candy Corn Juice

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Which one is your favorite?


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