Planning a Labor Day Party

Labor Day is just a week away! While we still are technically in the summer season up until September 23 this is the last summer holiday, where we celebrate the close of summer (and have a 3 day weekend!)  Weather you decide to stay home for a relaxing weekend or throw a party for your friends you’re going to want great food.  We made a Pinterest board for the holiday!


Labor Day Party 


Take a look at these yummy ideas to make for your gathering or make for just you and your family!


You have to have a main course!  If you are having a small get together you can opt for a more expensive or time-consuming option.  Shrimp or ribs are great choices.  If you are having a group of people grilling would be easiest burgers, hot dogs, or chicken on the grill.  If you have a lot of people coming over something in the crock pot is a great idea like pulled pork.

BBQ Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich



Pulled Pork


You can never have too many desserts and there were a lot of great ideas.  We pulled some red, white, and blue inspired fruit desserts along with a start shaped cake.  We also include a yummy looking peanut butter brownie!  Our favorite has to be the watermelon bombe cake made with sorbet, which is great for a hot day!

Watermelon Bombe Cake

Star Cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie

Pound Cake & Fruit & Ice Cream



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What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?


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