Dressing up Your Kitchen

Summer is begging to wind down and you will need to be thinking about getting back into the kitchen. The days of  grilling out and eating fruit and sandwiches at the beach will be over. That just means you’re ready to try out new recipes or bake up a storm!   Once it’s not so hot out!  Here are some ways to help get your kitchen back in shape before you are ready to dive in! Try to make the most of your space and only keep items around that you actually use!

Below are some organization items, cute new owl designs, utensils, and of course those popular gadgets that make baking a breeze!


Wall Organizers
If you don’t have a lot of cupboard space this is perfect for your kitchen! You can choose from hooks, baskets, knife block holders, or plate holders!

Fridge Organizing Bins
Is it difficult to find things in your fridge? Make it easier with clear organizing bins.

We all know how important spices are! Wouldn’t it be great if they all fit in a drawer and were easy to identify?

Spice Jars
These jar are great for spices or sprinkles! No need to label when you can see what’s inside!

If you’re short on drawer or cupboard space try these with a magnetic bottom!

Counter Top
If there are things you use on a regular basis keep them in reach with a cute shelf!

This is a great way to store baking ingredients and keep them fresh!

Tea/Coffee Tin
You really shouldn’t keep coffee or loose leaf tea in a clear container, fridge or freezer, or in the original bag. You want a tin that seals completely, it keeps out air, moisture, and light. All things that can make coffee or tea go bad!

These Owl items are a great way to liven up your kitchen and get it ready for fall!

Owl Measuring Cups

Owl Utensil Holder

Owl Pan

Owl Cake Holder


Oven Mitts


Hanging Silverware
You can sit this on your table or counter so silverware isn’t taking up drawer space! It’s also easy to get to!

Serving Utensils
Make sure you have all the utensils you need or pitch the ones that are wearing out over the years. Just don’t forget to go to the store to replace it!

Pastel Kitchen Finds
These are some pretty pastel options to liven up your kitchen!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kitchen Aid~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
If you like to bake and don’t own a stand mixer you should really consider it. There are so many uses for a mixer and it makes baking a breeze! The best part is there are so many color choices. It can really bring some color or contrast to your counter!

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Colors

Kitchen Aid Items

Cook Book Holder
This is a cute decoration but also holds a recipe book nicely!

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What item is your kitchen must have?


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