Wedding Foods & Themes

Do you know what is on the menu at your wedding?  It could be as easy as choosing your favorite food, or creating a menu that showcases the theme of your wedding.  There are many different food fads for weddings going on.  From bite sized morsals or mini foods, brunch, or the create your own buffet of a specific food.  In this post we’ll explore some food ideas to get your stomach hungry and food on the brain!

Remember to choose something you like, that’s not just trendy or you and your guests will not be happy.  If you want to do something in a create your own style there are many options, just make sure you have a caterer that is able to keep everything fresh and filled for such stations.   Some full meal ideas may not work as well as snacks or dessert bars.  A mashed potato bar is an easy way for you to present your guests with a way to customize their side!

Mashed Potatoes in a Martini Glass

Mashed Potato Bar

The idea of having single servings is really in.  We love the Chinese food container with a personalized phrase on it.  You could do a saying or your name and wedding date!

Chinese Food

Take Out Container

Themes are fun for guests and to plan the event around.  So if you met at a fair or carnival or both just love going to them it could be a great theme to embrace for the entire day!  Choose your favorites or put a fancy twist on some or the carnival foods!

Carnival Food

Fair Food

Kabobs are a great way to let guests grab a small bite without having to worry about plates.  This could be used for later in the night for small snacks.  Fruit bags are another great way to give guests a little more to eat later on or have them take home as a favor.  People love food and it makes a great gift!

Meatball Kabobs

Fruit Bags


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