Ombre Cakes

Ombre means shaded or graduated in tone. The ombre cake is very popular for weddings right now.  Even though it is minimalist in decoration the color more than makes up for it!  Brides take their wedding color and pair it with other shades of that color so why not show that off on your cake?  There are many way to get the ombre effect.  There are layered cakes that have anywhere from 3 to 6 or more tiers!  Each layer of the cake is dyed and stacked according to the shade.  Sometimes the cakes are not frosted or left “naked” to show off the color scheme.  The cakes can be frosted as well usually with white buttercream or a pop of the color on the outside but the cutting of the cake is the main attraction of these cakes.

Ombre can be used  in or outside of a cake or both!  The rosette cakes are very popular to ombre.  Each tier of roses is piped to match the inside of the cake so you see the color effect inside and outside.  Take  a look at the many different ways to ombre a cake!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Layers of Ombre~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wedding Cakes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rosette Flowers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Naked Cakes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jar Cake~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cake Pops~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Which ombre cake is your favorite?


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