The Magnificent Macaron

Since 2000 the cupcake has reigned as the dessert to beat!  Beginning in 2010 macarons appeared in America as the next big dessert but never took off in the same way probably because they are difficult to make at home.  However, there are plenty of people that say the cupcake craze and macaron mayhem are alive and well.  Let me just say that there is enough room in the dessert world for everybody!  So bring on the new dessert fads donuts, pie, mini cakes, bunt cakes there are plenty of contenders and as we all may have our favorite treat or even our favorite flavor.  We all adore a good gushing over a fancy dessert table!

You may have noticed that when you look for macarons online sometimes it is spelled with an extra o macaroon.  This is a different dessert entirely.  The MACAROON with two o’s, is a cookie that hails from Scotland. It is made with egg-whites, sugar and coconut and sometimes dipped in chocolate. Many times assorted Christmas cookies from bakeries contain the macaroon.

A MACARON which we want to discuss hails from France (there are other variations of the macaron) they are a meringue cookie sandwich with a filling.  Typically filled with a jelly or a buttercream.  Meringue is egg-whites, fine sugar, and finely ground almond or almond flour.  The sugar and almond flour are out through a food processor and sifted to ensure they are fine enough to mix into a smooth consistency.   The end product is a smooth delicate cookie that melts in your mouth.  They have a crisp top and soft center.  The added flavor and texture comes from the jelly or buttercream in the center.  The standard macaron is the size of your average Oreo cookie.  While a mini macaron is the size of a quarter.

Macarons are known for their flavors just like the cupcake. Of course there is your regular chocolate and vanilla. But with macarons every color or the rainbow wants to shine on a brightly colored and flavored cookie!

Dark Chocolate Truffle





Passion Fruit





Mint Chocolate


Macarons are beautiful without any embellishments but the designs on the dainty cookies is stunning.  Detailed piping to shaped macarons to look like animals, they are all adorable!  Even the hand written ones with single words on them are fancy!


What is the difference between macarons and macaroons?

Every Food That’s Ever Been Called “The New Cupcake,” in One Chart


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