The Wedding Cake Debate

How do you decide on a wedding cake, small weddings cakes, cupcakes, or a dessert table spilling over with candies, macaroons, cookies and petit-fours the list can go on and on!  Some people opt to serve their favorite dessert like donuts and not cake at all!  Others opt to have a candy bar with a wedding cake.  When it comes to making decisions about desserts it’s not easy, because let’s face it dessert is the best part!  You need to get it together before you go to Pin-town on Pinterest!  First thing to do is to decide on a budget with your partner then discuss what you both like.  If you both love the idea of a traditional wedding cake or the idea of many small bite sized sweets.


Theme Cakes

A large grandeur wedding cake is traditional but a theme cake is a newer take on an elegantly decorated wedding cake.  Keep in mind if you go for a theme cake or very detailed decorated cake it will cost you a lot more than a simple frosted cake.  Many people have fake layers on cakes to cut cost and serve a sheet cake to their guests.  If a unique wedding cake is important to you keep in mind that the size and detail will all play a part in the cost of the cake.





Cake Tower

These may look like cupcakes but really they are individual cakes because they are completely frosted and decorated!  There is a large cake on top for the bride and groom either to eat or save for their 1 year anniversary, as is the tradition.  This is another expensive option because it takes a lot of time to make and decorate.  But it looks gorgeous and if the wedding cake is important to you and you want to put more money towards it this is worth the wow factor.  It could even be taken home by the guests in small boxes.





Naked Wedding Cakes

This is a new trend and probably less expensive than most cakes because they are not decorated.  This is for the minimalist.  Someone who doesn’t like a ton of butter-cream or fondant.   Naked cakes have no decoration other than a topper or flowers arranged on the top.  Many times the cake is dyed a color or the frosting can be dyed or flavored with a color fruit.  If you go with a naked cake you may have extra money to do multiple cakes, which will allow you to have different flavors.




Cupcake Tower

Cupcakes are a great way less expensive way to go, if you won’t mind not having the traditional wedding cake.  You can cut costs and time by not having to worry about paying to have a cake cut.  You can also do many different flavors so your guests can try more than one!  It is also especially easier to send left over cupcakes home than left over cake!  They can be arranged on a tower to mimic a cake or on a table.








Macaroon Tower

Not a cupcake tower but macaroon tower!  This could go on your dessert table!


Cookie Bar

Some couples don’t like cake so they opt to have an alternative dessert like cookies.  This is a “cookie bar” glass cookie jars with different cookies in each jar so everyone can have their favorite.  This could also be part of a dessert table.


Candy Table

Who’s eyes wouldn’t light up to see a table filled with candy!  Many times the candy matches the wedding colors or the couples chooses sweets that they love.  Many things can even be personalized, like M&M’s that are the wedding colors with the couple’s name on them  Even, macaroons, or cupcakes with your monogram.  Many times small bags are left out so  guests can take candy home with them, so it doubles as a favor!


Dessert Table

If you really can’t decide what to serve just serve a little bit of everything!  You can have a table dedicated to all things sweet!  You don’t need to have enough of each thing for each guest (unless you think it’s going to be really popular).  That way guests can choose what they like or a few things to try for dessert if they are all bite sized.








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