Summer Themed Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? There are those rare summer days when it’s cool enough to turn on the oven. Why not make some summer inspired cupcakes to bring back the sun?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Summer Icons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beach Cupcakes

You can’t say summer without thinking of the beach!  And the beach means sand!  Create your own sand by crunching up graham crackers as fine as you can.  (Use a plastic baggie!) Then just dip your frosted cupcake into the graham cracker sand.  Add a drink umbrella and a pair of flip-flops to the top and you have your own little slice of sweet paradise!

Bikinis, Sunshine, Flip Flops, Watermelon Slice and Ice Cream Cones

Summer is all about the accessories!   Recreate your favorite colored swim suit, or any summer icon you adore for a sweet summer cupcake!

Beach Ball Cupcakes

Have a ball with beach ball cupcakes!  They used fondant and a circle cookie cutter in the picture.  However Fruit Roll Ups taste much better and come in many different colors!  Be careful with cutting out your triangles and use a cutting board.  For the center of the ball use a mini M&M to match your colors!

Sand Dollar Cupcakes

With a little bit of fondant,  the beach isn’t the only place to find sand dollars!  These are very sophisticated cupcakes with their realistic look!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sweet Summer Treats~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Snow Cone Cupcakes

Snow cones are the perfect refreshing summer treat!  They’re just shaved flavor ice after all!  Create a cupcake to mimic the icy treat by making regular cupcakes and dipping in colored sugar.  Make them a fruity flavor by adding a jello packet to the cupcake batter!  Check out our “Watermelon Cupcake” blog post for a full recipe.

Mint Chip Cupcake

Even though this cupcake looks like it has an actual scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream on top, it is really just flavored butter-cream!

Funnel Cake Cupcakes

Bring the fair to you with these funnel cake cupcakes.  Whip up a batch of funnel cake to garnish the top!  Double dessert!

Popsicle Cupcake Toppers

Buy some colorful Mike N’ Ike to create the Popsicle cupcakes!  Break apart toothpicks and stick into the candies, try to round out the edge that sticks out of the candy.  (Warn guests the stick is not edible!)  Use vanilla cupcakes or add your favorite flavor to recreate your favorite Popsicle!  Blue raspberry, watermelon, lemon, lime, cherry or grape!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sizzlin’ Summer Grub~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sushi Cupcakes

Most sushi doesn’t sizzle but it is a refreshing cool meal for summer!  If you love sushi you would not be able to control how much you love these cupcakes!  Using fondant to create your favorite tuna or salmon roll!  Buy edible paint to make them look exactly like the real thing!


Burger Cupcakes

These de-constructed cupcakes will fool your friends into thinking you got the grill out instead of turning on the oven!  Bake chocolate and vanilla cupcakes slice the vanilla cupcake in half and add a carefully cut piece of the chocolate cupcake to make the burger meat.  (You could even dip an Oreo cookie in chocolate for the meat patty.)  Add some frosting garnish and sesame seeds and you have a Doppelganger burger!

Hot Dogs on the Grill

This is a really cute and simple idea!  Buy some Mike N’ Ikes and pick out the red ones (or find a candy store that has the colors sorted).  Frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting sprinkle with red or orange sugar for the fire on the grill.  Pipe grill lines with black frosting, add your hot dogs and don’t forget to draw grill lines on them!

Corn on the Cob

Is this cupcake going to taste like corn?  No way those kernels are different shades of Jelly Bellys!  Make the butter by heating a yellow Starbursts with the warmth or your hands or for only 5 SECONDS in the microwave!  These guys get hot fast and will stick to you when hot!  Quickly mold the Starbust to look like melting butter and stick to the top of the kernels.  Add some black and white sugar sprinkles to look like salt and pepper!  Don’t forget to break out the real corn holders to stick into the side of your fake corn on the cob!

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Which summer cupcake is your favorite?


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