Wedding Guest Books

As a wedding guest I never understood a guest book where people just simply wrote their signature.  It’s nice to know who was at your wedding but the bride and groom place a book out for you to write them a message.  In the digital age some encouragement is needed to get wedding guests attention, to pen a message.  Make sure the canvas is eye-catching!  Whether that be a photo book with plenty of extra white space for notes or bright-colored paper set next to a jar or box!  be sure to write “Well Wishes” or something along those lines so people know what it is for.

A book can be difficult for so many people to take turns writing in but if you  leave out pages you can later bind them into a book.  This concept like the box or jar idea allows your guests to take them to their seats.  They will have time throughout the event to write a thoughtful note instead of crowding around the guest book table and scribbling a quick message.  (You may even want to send paper with your RSVP cards asking guests to write you advice that you can read after the wedding.)

To encourage your guests to leave you advice, well wishes, and encouragement make sure they have the time and space to do so!  If you like the idea of a picture that is framed with signatures as well as a guest book you can do both!

Q&A Book

This book has questions that the guest can answer with a check mark and then space to write a little note!

A guest book can also be a place for guests to write their addresses so you can easily write thank you cards.   It is becoming more and more popular to purchase a special guest book picture that you can later frame for your home. This can be a photograph of the bride and groom or something that goes with the wedding theme. Some people get very creative and have special things made for people to sign.  Here are some examples of guest books that can be framed and displayed in your new home!


Across the States Couples



Tree with wooden blocks

Written on the Leaves of Trees

Hand Painted Watercolor



Engagement Photo



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