Seating Charts for Weddings

One of the most stressful things about planning a wedding is the seating chart.  It’s bad enough you have to pick and choose who can attend you wedding; because you cannot afford for every person you have ever met to attend.  You also have to choose where they sit.  Well why do you have to choose where they sit?  Can’t they just seat themselves?  Yes they could but then you will not get the opportunity to make cute place settings with their names on them.  Also you will run into the problem if it is a served meal where does the chicken or beef go?  Another problem is if it is buffet style how will people know someone was sitting there already?  It might just be easier (not less stressful) to come up with a seating chart because that way each person is accounted for and has a chair with their name on it.

(This is why brides anxiously await the RSVP cards.)

First thing is set a due date for the RSVP cards and once that date is here grab your excel or post it notes.

This blog has an easy DIY way to make your seating chart.

You will have to decide who gets along with whom and place them accordingly.  You also have to decide if you want to have a head table of just the bride and groom or the entire wedding party.  Really everyone will only be sitting to eat but the bridesmaids or groomsmen may want to sit with their dates.  It feels a little like school lunch sitting in a row but it also shows off all of the time spend on your maids hair, make-up, and dresses.  When it comes down to it you should choose a seating plan that makes the room flow the best and see what tables are available.  This blog has some great ideas of how many people can fit at a 60″ round table and how many at a 6′ x 30″ rectangle.

The Knot also has some great tips for a seating chart to check out!

When it comes down to it, it is your special day.  You cannot make everyone happy but their main concern should be that you are happy on your special day and they are there to celebrate and support you.  I mean you did invite them to an amazing party and you put a lot of thought into it.  Your married guests will understand and the others will someday when it’s their turn.

Presenting your seating chart may be another problem to tackle but this is where you get to be creative!  Instead of people searching around tables for their names, have cards or many other options by the door when you enter the hall that will direct your guests where to sit.  Here are some ideas below!

If you are going the route of having a cute gift or item with a table name or number and the guest’s name on it, have an attendant with a master list at the check in table to assist in giving the seating gift to your guests.  Or be very organized and have it alphabetical.  If you organize by tables guests will be scanning and searching for their names.


Lists work best if you do not want to have an attendant.  It is also the cheapest way.  Grab a board and your best hand writer and write the names in alphabetical order.

Chalk Board

Window Pane

Find Your Name and Your Animal

This set up could work for a small wedding but does take a little time and memory to find where you sit.  I like the idea of taking an item with the name and table with you.  Also the guest can then take that item home as a keep sake!

Ticket Master Ticket

For the music lovers!  How cool!  You could even put your song on it!

Snowflake Ornament

Winter wedding?  Give your guest a beautiful keepsake for their tree

Honey Dipper

This a cute idea for a summer wedding or if you love honey!  This idea could work for a number of things, I like the idea of the stick standing up easy to see.  Something like a lollipop, pin wheel, fake flower, or the next two examples…

Wizard Wands

You probably have a very specific theme to use wands or you just really wanted to get one piece of Harry Potter into your wedding!

Luggage Tags

For the travel themed wedding or the couple that loves to travel!

Bright Colored Paper on Clothes-pins

Every seating chart I saw pinned by clothes-pins or any other way looked so cute!  It’s fun to pick your name like you’re picking fruit off of a tree!  Notice how organized this chart is!  It has a banner at the top telling you to take a seat!  It also has the guest alphabetized so they can easily find their pinned name and make their way to their table!

Row Boat

This boat uses the same idea as the clothes-pins to find your name and seat.

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What is your preferred seating style?



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