Frozen Treats

It is just about time for a 3 day weekend to begin! What are you going to do with that extra day? we suggest making your very own frozen treats to enjoy while you watch the fireworks or during the rest of your weekend! You can go with a healthy Popsicle complete with fruit or even a tea with fruit puree! Or… go with something with a little more oomph! Bake some home-made cookies and slather ice cream between two for a home-made ice cream sandwich! We know which one you want to make now. But just so you have options, below you will find pins of the fruity, flavorful frozen variety.

They each have a very unique personality so what does your choice say about you?

Patriotic Iced Tea

This is for the athletic and health conscious celebrator.  Maybe you’re running in a holiday race or going on a hike?   You know all the benefits of tea and you’re more than likely going to opt for a green tea for all those anti-oxidants.  Then add your fruit puree and you are not only getting a serving of fruit but also staying hydrated!

Vegan Frozen Fruit Cup

For the vegan who wants to feel like they are eating ice cream but not really.  You can with these frozen fruit cups!

Red White and Blueberry Popsicle

This is another healthy choice.  Good for the kids who might also have that cupcake later in the day.  Let them and yourself cool off with a healthier icy pop rather than a store-bought one filled with sugar!

Fruit Push Pop

Who doesn’t love a push pop?  Especially one that has so many good ingredients in it.  This is perfect for the beach goers.  It will last in the cooler with ice just long enough in the car and be ready to eat easily when you have your blanket laid on the sand.  The recipe suggests to buy 100% juice for this pop so that it stay healthy.  You also add raspberries, strawberries, and bananas.  You could eat this for breakfast right?

Patriotic Popcicles

These are for the nostalgic.  You want that taste and visual of the frozen pop you ate as a kid.  You can’t get any more patriotic by having a blue tongue right?  Nothing else will do for you, you are a purist and you have to celebrate right.

Frozen Banana

This is the vortex of the frozen treats.  On one hand you are such a goody, opting to eat an actually fruit in its true form!  But then again you did dip it in chocolate and had to add the sprinkles to make it patriotic.  It is still probably one of the healthiest options.  You might just be someone who needs a chocolate fix and a frozen banana does disguise itself very well, you would almost think it’s ice cream!

Ice Cream in Baked Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla 

This is a fancy way to eat your ice cream.  You are opting for a less carb intense treat a tortilla with cinnamon and sugar.  Then you added fresh blueberries and raspberries.  You have class we can’t deny it.

Wild Berry Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Sandwich

You’re the kind of person that dips their toes in the water first.  If it’s too cold you might just stay out of the pool.  Frozen yogurt is a another way to trick yourself you are eating ice cream.  So you want a fruity flavored ice cream that you place between 2 crunchy graham crackers.  You probably are entertaining and wanted to make something simple and sweet.  Well done!

S’mores Frozen Pop

You have to have a s’more at all costs!  Just to be sure in case there isn’t a campfire you will bring these bad boys to the party.  A real s’more frozen and dipped in chocolate and frozen again.  You’re a little strange but probably a genius and all your friends probably already knew that.

Red White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwich

You have flair and the color palette means a lot to you, you fashionista!  You will go through all of the trouble to bake from scratch sugar cookies and dye them red or blue or both!  Then you will choose a fruit flavored ice cream or the same fashion.  Mix and match or make them all the same.  Your friends will love you for the time you took and your style!

Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Dipped in Chocolate

This is for the chocolate lovers!  You are committed to creating a decadent dessert and you want to impress people.  You most certainly will have to make extras because people will want seconds no matter how many calories are in these!  Homemade chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and dipped in chocolate.  Hey it’s the holiday calories don’t count right?

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

You are a party animal if you make this cake!  It is one of the easier desserts and it would be fun to make with a friend.  You just need a box or two (if you can’t control yourself while making this) of ice cream sandwiches cool whip and chocolate.  You are fully committed to celebrating the holiday!


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Which frozen treat looks the best to you?


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