Did you know there is such a thing as color psychology?  Colors affect our mood and the colors we are drawn to or favor tend to reflect our personality.  I found an article that goes in-depth on color psychology and choosing your wedding colors.

A color scheme for a wedding is important especially if you don’t have a clear theme or maybe you don’t want a theme per say.  Some brides choose their favorite fairy tale and incorporate the colors and symbols from the story into their wedding decor without ever having the characters from the story pictured.  The colors and symbols alone will evoke the story.  A primary palate of red, blue, and yellow would signify Snow White.  Disney has an entire blog dedicated to Disney themed weddings and they are more elegant than you would think.  The focus isn’t recreating a trip to Disney World or your favorite movie.  It’s capturing the romance of the story through color, texture, and decor.

Here is an example of a “Tangled” themed wedding”|blgstyle|Style-June|FB|TangledWedding-Tangled|InHouse|062614|||esocialmedia|||

If you want to just focus on your colors but still want accents that show your style and romantic side you don’t have to choose a fairy tale wedding.  Choosing your colors and finding raw or natural textures that have those colors will evoke your style without making a concrete theme.


To understand what colors go together you need to understand the color wheel and how colors are made.  The primary colors create all the colors on the wheel.

Complimentary Colors

If a color is across from a color on the wheel it is a complimentary color.  The would be the way to go if choosing only two colors for contrast.  Be careful not to let the hues take on holiday or seasonal look.  Changing the hue slightly in the color family can help.


Colors that are next to each other are called analogous.   This would be 3 colors in a row or two in a row with a third being a neutral color.  These colors will all go together because the hues are so close.


When you see a color wheel and draw a triangle between the colors is a triad.  They compliment each other because they are spaced evenly apart.  It is suggested to have one color be the stand out color and use the other two to compliment and accent the main color.

This article describes colors on the color wheel with diagrams:

Check out our Pinterest boards of color inspiration and see which one catches your eye.  Or read the description first and see which personality fits you best!


Everyone thinks pink is for the girly girl and while that may be true pink is a very popular and pretty color.  The bright pinks POP!  They are eye-catching and draw the eye to a bouquet with bright pink flowers against a white dress.  If you are a pink girl you exude  positive energy and hopefulness.  Pink is a hue of red which draws attention and symbolizes passion.


Yellow is a color associated with happy sun shiny days.  This bright color or pale pastel shows you are cheerful and optimistic.  If you love summer and want to stand out go with a bright yellow.  A paler hue will show your softer side and illustrate a glow or light.  You are someone who wants happiness to be the center of everything you do.


Mint green brings to mind mermaids and whimsy.  It is a hue or green which symbolizes the earth and the natural.  It brings the down to earth tone mixed with the calm of blue to add a fantasy.  It is a soothing and sweet color.  If you choose mint you like strive to create an atmosphere of serenity.


Blue is the most calming color.  There are so many shades of blue.  There is a bold navy for formal and elegance.  Baby blue or pale blue to reminisce of the sea and calm and soothing.  You gravitate towards blue for a fresh and placid atmosphere.  It shows that you know what is easy on the eyes and peaceful.


Purple is unique and a color not usually found in nature other than some flowers.  It is one of royalty, sophisticated with some fantasy appeal.  If you choose purple you want to stand out and show you are unique and bold.  Purple demands attention even as a pastel and adds mystery.  You are independent and anchored to your tastes.

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What color draws you in?


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