Grilling and Chilling

We all know the star of the BBQ is the food.  When BBQ-ing the go to grill items are hot dogs and hamburgers.   They’re fast because you really don’t have to do much but throw them on the grill.  If you’re entertaining for the 4th and you don’t have too many people try something a little different.  While a burger can be great, what about switching it up this year?  There are many different grilled options for chicken, how about a grilled pizza with grilled chicken?  A chicken bacon sandwich, or even a grilled chicken quesadilla?


Table setting

Grilled BBQ Pizza

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

BBQ Grilled Chicken and Bacon Sandwich

Pulled Pork

Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

Shrimp Skewers




You and your guests will be hungry while you wait for the food on the BBQ to cook.  The best appetizer in hot weather is fresh fruit.  You can go with patriotic colored berries or opt for fruit kabobs.  It’s easier to serve and fun to eat.  If you want more than just fruit you can do a fruit and cheese platter.  Another options is to add something sweet. Marshmallows to entice the kids, melted chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, or even mini brownie bites!  



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What are you making for the 4th of July?



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