4th of July Desserts

Fourth of July is only 2 weeks away!  Are you hosting a party?  Maybe you’re attending a party.  It’s always a good idea to plan early for a party or to bring a dessert to a gathering.  Here is some red, white, and blue inspiration for any type of dessert you may want to serve!

Whoopie Pies

A whoopie pies is filling like frosting or cream sandwiched between two cookies.  Softer cookies work best for a whoopie pie because they are easier to take bites out of.  These whoopie pies have one red and one blue cookie and they once they were assembled they rolled the edges of the sandwich in patriotic sprinkles!

Cake Pops

Cake pops look cute on a table and are a great bite sized treat if there are a lot of desserts.  It’s also nice that you don’t need a plate or fork to eat them!


Cupcakes are always a hit!  These are garnished with a festive dipped strawberry, dipped in which chocolate then in blue sugar.  It would also work with the dark chocolate if you prefer!


Pop Rock Star Cookies

These cookies have some POP to them!  They contain pop rocks in the middle.  Kids will love the idea of firework cookies!  These are placed on a stick and resemble a wand even more reason for kids to love them!

Soda Floats

You could choose any sodas you like but going with a red or blue will keep with the patriotic and be something new for guests to try.  Jones soda is a good choice or the Izze sodas that contain servings of fruit.  They have a Blueberry and Pomegranate flavor that would keep with the red and blue!

Pudding Cups

Everyone loves dirt pudding just add food coloring and you have an easy to make and serve dessert!  Just use clear plastic cups and pre make these by scooping and layering the colors.  Use an ice cream scoop to help get the same amount of each color into each cup!

Cheesecake Shooters

This is another individually served treat that is easy to make with cool whip and cream cheese.  Garnish with home-made cookie stars or just use fruit!

Jello Salad

The Jello may take a little longer to make since you have to wait for each layer to set but these are really cute!  It is also a lighter dessert choice for summer.

Layered Cake

If you are really ambitious or just want one wow factor dessert, this is the one for you!  This layered cake is sophisticated with its brilliant color palette.

Patriotic Bark

This is a combination of all your favorite candies.  Oreo cookies and pretzels crumbled up then white chocolate poured over them.  Then sprinkled with blue and red m&ms and sprinkles!   Sparks will fly!


Everyone loves popcorn while they watch a show!  Make sure you have some ready for the fireworks or if you opt to skip the firework show and watch a movie outside you’ll want to make this!  Salty meets sweet with m&ms and sprinkles.  Use your favorite chocolate dark, milk, or white to drizzle over the stop to get it all to stick together!


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Which patriotic dessert looked the best to you?



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