Nautical Nails

Sail into the weekend with some nautical nail inspiration! WARNING! Nautical nails may make you believe you have an endless weekend and don’t have to return to work on Monday! You should set your alarm clock on your phone, so you don’t forget!

You know you want nautical but what does the color? Read on to see what your color choice says about you!


Let’s start with the blues. What a blue inspired nautical manicure says about you, is you have a classic taste. You know that navy blue and white will go with a great deal of your wardrobe. You want to feel sea inspired but anchored to the shore. (Pun intended) Blue is calming and steadying, you will not regret your choice to stay true to your blue!




Royal red you most likely are opting for red to pair with the blue and white color scheme of nautical. You know that the bright primary pairing of red and blue will make your nails pop! You want to see eyes light up like fireworks when your friends see your new nails! Not to say you are bragging you just want to show off all that hard work, and you really really love the idea of setting sail into summer!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mint Green~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mint green, you know what color is in this season, and it is cropping up in your summer wardrobe quite a bit. So your nails really should match! Mint is such a sweet color and crisp and fresh, like your favorite peppermint mocha. This minty hue will make you feel refreshed and energetic. It’s a little against the grain but you are the creative type so go for it! Go all mint or pair with navy for a striking contrast of the pastel and vibrant blue.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mint Green~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Pretty in pink you are adding your personality to the nautical!  You like the idea of nautical but don’t want to completely commit because well it’s not quite your style.  The traditional colors just won’t match a thing you own and you really want a bright summer color!  We don’t blame you pinky, they’re your nails so find a bright pink or a softer subtle ballet pink to add summer and sails to your nails!




Designer girl you want your nails to be a work of art!  You are probably starting with a white background or opting for each nail to be different.  You will need to enlist the assistance of a friend or go for a manicure.  The detail of your nails shows your patience and attention to fashion and trends.  Your friends all know you commit to things and you don’t just dip your feet in the water, you dive right in!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nautical Notions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Remember you can include any type of nautical symbol here are a few to choose from or do a different one on each nail!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nautical Notions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Helm (ship steering wheel)










Sailor Knots

55135bdd3fef2a0b31c071a17f51624a (1)



Hearts with stripes (it’s cheating but it still looks nautical!)


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