Have a Nautical Day

Nauticalof or pertaining to sailors, ships, or navigation.

If you have been to Target recently you’ll see that they are upping their summer game! Everything is bright colors and there is an abundance of nautically inspired items.

Nautical Accessories from Target

I must admit I am a little addicted to the nautical sensation. When I catch a glimpse of an anchor or sail boat it transports me to a story. It reminds me of all of those summer novels I read on a long summer day at the beach.  I am always craving summer… so I read a great deal of those books in the wintertime.   To transport myself back to the days of the windows open and flip-flops.

That’s why I love sitting in The Weko Beach House. When you walk in your are welcomed by bright vivid colors. Beach balls hanging from the ceiling and smell of great food. You instantly know summer is well on its way because you feel like summer when you walk in. The same way when you smell a bonfire, it brings to mind summer nights roasting marshmallows. (Soon we’ll be able to smell camp fires when the campground goes into full swing).

Today I ate lunch from The Beach Town Grill and I couldn’t get over the view. You almost can’t believe you’re in Michigan when you sit in the beach house looking out the wall of windows. The sunlight streaming in and the vibrant blue of the lake and sky as far as the eye can see.

So in case you can’t get your daily dose of the beach surround yourself with the good vibes of the nautical.

The list is pretty much endless with things that can be nautical.  Clutches, scarves, cell phone covers, bracelets, to home decor  there are so many great nautical pieces.   Etsy sites can color customize or the ever popular monogram.

I think my favorite thing about this bag is that the zipper key chain is a helm (steering wheel for a boat).



Cell Phone Cover


Wall Art


Hair Clips

Beach Towels

Target even has cardigans!

Check out our board “Nautical Nation”

If you’re enjoying all of this nautical whimsy stay tuned for a future post about a nautical themed party.

Which of these items is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments!  Share with your friends!

Have a nautical day!


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