Wedding Welcome Bag

Do you have a lot of out-of-town guests attending your wedding?  Have you thought about a welcome bag for those guests?  If you don’t have a lot of out-of-town guests a welcome bag is a really nice way to help them adjust to the town they are in.

Let’s start with the bag.  This is my favorite part.  There are so many ways to go with this.  I highly suggest going with a reusable canvas bag rather than a paper throw away.  It will be sturdier and easy to travel with, and there will be no worries about it falling apart.  You can go the route of getting customized ones by shopping on Etsy or make your own!  As cute as it looks to have the bride and groom’s name on the bag and the wedding date, this will prevent the person receiving the bag to use it for other purposes.  Maybe something as simple as love or a symbol that goes with your theme/color is enough.  I really like the idea of the United States map with a heart in the city where you are getting married.  There is also the option to just go with the state where you are getting married.  This still signifies it’s your special event but it makes it more functional for future use.

U.S. Tote Bag

State Tote Bag

Lobster Bag

Time to add to the bag!

Make it practical.  Also know your budget and stick with things that are useful or special to the area that the person might want to know about or try before they leave town.

A lot of articles I’ve read say when people get to their hotel after traveling they are hungry for something other than the mini fridge items.  Guests may even be hungry after the wedding reception and want something to munch on.  Add a piece of local fruit or your personal favorite to the welcome bag.  A cookie from a local bakery is a nice addition.  Bit of Swiss in Stevensville, MI makes the awesome Granola Cluster cookie.  Granola, dried cranberries, and white chocolate chips, it a unique cookie and really yummy.  I also love their chocolate chip granola.  The granola cluster is a chewy cookie where the granola chocolate chips has a crisper cookie like texture.  It contains semi-sweet chocolate chips, and granola pieces.  If you have time you can always make your own cookie or treat to add to the bag!

Granola Cluster Cookie from Bit of Swiss

Granola Cluster Cookie from Bit of Swiss


South Bend Chocolate Company Chocolate

You can buy these in small bags, or tiny boxes of chocolates.

Small Treat Bag

You can also buy chocolate by the pound at South Bend Chocolate Company so you could buy a cute little treat bag and fill it with some chocolate covered peanuts.  Be sure to label the contents so guests with allergies are aware.

H2O and Hangover Kit

Some hosts just hand out the hangover kit instead of a welcome bag.  You can decide what is best or add it to the bag.  If you have more conservative guests you may opt to keep hang over kit off the bag but this Etsy shop has many options.  “Bags arrive empty- you fill with aspirin, alka-seltzer, mints- whatever your hangover essentials are. Tie around a bottle of water, and you’re ready to face the day!”

Izze Soda

You may want to put something a little more colorful and flavorful in the bag other than just a bottle of water.  Izze soda is sparkling juice with real fruit.  It is a healthier option than soda and does not contain caffeine.


Customized Tins

If you don’t want to give your guests a regular tin with the mint brand on it you can just swap tins for one you purchased customized.  Or you could use this for the Hang over recover kit and put a couple Motrin inside.

Bottle Opener

These key chain bottle openers are too cute!  There are other print options and color options to choose from!

Hand Sanitizer

When you travel it’s always nice to have some hand sanitizer.


You may want to include a map, itinerary of events, addresses for the wedding and reception.  Maybe even suggestions of places to eat or get coffee.  As you pick items for your welcome bag stay true to your color scheme.  Create a welcome bag that reflects you and your groom.  Add personal flair items that would make them feel like you put it together.  Other items to add for a summer wedding are sunscreen and sunglasses.

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