Spring DIY Projects

So there is a long weekend coming up and as much as I want to relax, I want to feel productive.  I don’t know about you but I have a bit more spring cleaning to do.  I also love to organize and do crafts.  Right now I have an extreme Do It Yourself (DIY) bug!  I really want to make things easier to find look pleasing.  So where did i turn for inspiration?


I use it a lot for the blog but it is a great resource for just about any organization project you have to tackle.

First start with the not so fun stuff… the cleaning.  That way you can see what supplies you already have to make some of these and what you need to go out and buy.  It will also show you what you need to organize the most.  One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is, to get rid of stuff you don’t use!  This can be hard, that’s why I found the perfect thing on… you got it, Pinterest.  It is a flow chart for those of us who don’t know if it should stay, or GO!

Flow Chart to Throwing Things Away!


Measurement Station

Do you have trouble finding your measuring spoons and cups?  This is a fantastic idea!  They even made a measurement guide above the hooks.  All of your baking necessities and answers in one convenient place.  This is inside a cabinet.  So if you rent a place you can always make a board or put it in a cabinet you purchased that is not part of your rental space.

Organization Center

I am most certainly making this organization center this weekend.  Most of the items I already have too.  This area will have a calendar, lists, menu for the week, place to put receipts you might need later, and a chore chart if you so desire. You can really personalize this DIY to your needs and help keep all of your important notes in one place.

Perpetual Calendar

This is great to have on a desk.  You can customize it to your own color scheme so it will not only be functional but fun!


Magazine Holder for the Kitchen

Did you ever think you’d use a magazine holder for the kitchen?  Use them to hold your foil, wax paper, and plastic bags.  You’ll free up an entire drawer in your kitchen!

Scarf holder

I have a lot of scarfs and a lot are infinity so they are circular.  The little hooks will work perfectly and they will all look really nice hanging on the wall.

Magnetic Strip

I ran across so many uses for magnetic strips.  I’ve seen them used in kitchens for holding knives but never before had I seen them used in the bathroom!   Used to hold nail-clippers and tweezers.  You can even hid away items in small containers that have a magnetic bottom or use a magnetic tin to put things in from make-up brushes to tooth brushes.

Cake Stand

I love to bake and cake stands can be pricey.  This is a really cute idea and great for re-purposing old plates you have, or find at a garage sale.  You can make multiple sizes and heights and it can be a dramatic and charming decoration in your kitchen.

Decorative Power Cords

I have so many cords and can never find the one I need easily, without digging through them all!  Color code your charger cords so you can grab the right one at first glance!

The washi tape is only $1.99!

Boxes with Animals on Top

So this is a really cute idea.  Go to the store and buy a cheap plastic animal toy figure (get the whole barn or zoo if you’d like) and spray paint them gold or any color you please along with the lid of a small box.  Then you glue the animal to the top!  It looks really fancy with the gold or silver spray paint sitting on a colored box.  This also works on glass jars that you’ve saved.  Old Bath and Body Works candles work great, pickle jars, jelly jars, you name it!   Start saving those jars!

(I just picked up really cute gift boxes at Target for $1.50 if you just can’t wait to use the rest of your jelly!)

Glass Jar with drawers knobs

If you want to go with a different look, find cute knobs from drawers and glue them to a lid!


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