Planning a Memorial Day BBQ

What are you doing this holiday weekend?  If you’re not going away for the weekend there are plenty of fun things to do at home!

Like throw a BBQ!

Memorial Day is known as the BBQ kick off for the summer.   Memorial Day’s true purpose is a day of remembrance for our nation’s armed forces.  It is to honor the men and women who fought and died for our country while serving.  A patriotic theme BBQ is just as fitting for Memorial Day as it is for 4th of July.  There are many customs that go along with this holiday and paying tribute to those men and woman.  Sharing a meal with friends and family is has become a widely practiced celebration of this day.

If you’re having a BBQ you’ll have to break the grill out if you haven’t already.  Make sure you have all the serving items you’ll need, like grilling tongs, spatula, meat thermometer, and serving trays.  Here are a couple festive and unique serving trays.

Serving Trays


Mason Jars with Bandanna Napkins

You’ll also need place settings.  Paper plates are never sturdy enough and are wasteful.  How about buying mason jars and using bandannas for napkins?  It is a cute festive, reusable idea!  (You’ll be all set for 4th of July!)  You can even use the lids for the jars by punching a hole for a straw and covering with a festive piece of fabric.


Center Piece (painted mason jars)

Well you already bought Mason jars why not use them for center pieces?  Buy some red, white and blue paint and give a few a make-over for the table. Mason jars are very inspiring this season!

Now to the good stuff the food!  Make it easy on yourself, if you are the hostess then have people bring a dish to pass.  If you have crafty friends and let them know your plan they can help make items themed.  Or just have people bring their own meat of choice and beverages that way you can have a few sides ready.  Here are some mouth-watering and festive food ideas!



Shrimp Kabobs

Dyed Deviled Eggs 

Red, White and Blue Drink

Watermelon Shark


Before dessert challenge your friends to a game of croquet!  If there are a lot of couples play on teams or have a tournament.  You can even decorate it to match!


Patriotic Cake

This cake is simple but vibrant!

Ice Cream Cones

What’s better than an ice cream cone on a hot day?  A colorful ice cream cone!  Dip the cone in white chocolate or dark chocolate and cover in festive sprinkles!  Buy your favorite ice cream flavors and you have a simple and fun dessert!


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What are you doing this Memorial Day?



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