Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries always seem to be an indulgence or a party treat. It’s actually really simple and fast to make your own at home if you have 3 key ingredients.

1. Strawberries
2. High Quality Chocolate
3. Double Broiler

Okay well the first 2 things you knew but the double broiler will make this so much easier! If you try to heat chocolate any other way it burns. And it is never is a good consistency to dip.

With a double broiler you heat up a pot of water put the other pot on to of it with the chocolate inside and you are good to go! You can make chocolate covered strawberries as an after dinner dessert! Or make them all pretty with sprinkles and other types or colors of chocolate for a festive party… say Memorial Day?

Here’s some inspirational pictures for you!

They look great and are easy to make!

Do you prefer white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?


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