Gifts for Grad- Practical or Personalized

I’ve been posting this week ideas for graduation gifts.  Today we are going to focus on some simple and sweet gifts.  These gifts are practical or personalized.

The Practical Gifts

Sewing Kit in a Jar

There will a button that just won’t want to stay on or that your grad lost!  Instead of them waiting until they get home next or going out to buy needle thread and a button, help them out!  I saw mason jar sets, binders or any number of cute containers for a sewing kit gifts.  Make sure to include, needle, different neutral color threads, (their favorite color too perhaps?)  buttons, thimble, pins and a measuring tape.


First Aid Kit

You can always buy a generic first aid kit as a gift or create your own.  Be sure to include cute band aids, Motrin, antibiotic ointment, alcohol prep pads, tweezers, aloe vera, antihistamine, hydrocortisone… there are many more items you can add check out this pin below.

Band Aids



You don’t have to get a lot but just buying the jars or a few spices along with a cook book or special recipe will be a great useful gift!



Groove Book

This cool book was featured on Shark Tank!  No one ever prints pictures anymore.  With Groove Book a custom photo book of your own photos is mailed straight to you!  You create your own photo book with your pictures from Instagram or your phone’s photo gallery.  They are perforated so you can tear them out of leave them in the book!  It’s inexpensive or it can be a membership of $2.99 a month (canceled at any time).  It will be great for them to use all summer long and throughout their first year of college memories.


A personalized mugf from Shutterfly is great for the dorm.  Coffee, tea, soup, or even cereal.  An over-size mug can work can even be a toothbrush and toothpaste holder.

Phone Cover

Who wouldn’t want a personalized photo cover?   Shutterfly has a collage cover you can customize with  their favorite pictures!

Instagram Stickers

Stickers are great to label your items and with Instagram the possibilities are endless!

Monogrammed Towel

There will be no question whose towel is who’s in a shared bathroom!

Luggage Tags

Make sure they have their bags ID-ed in style!

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Do you wish you would have gotten some of these for graduation?



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