The Grad on the Go! Gift List

I like to give gifts that people can use. I love going to Bath and Body Works but for some reason when I was young I used to get a little disappointed when received it as a gift. Probably because a lot of people get girls the generic B&BW gift set. So you don’t just get one set you get 5! So continuing with our gift giving theme for this week’s blogs I will let you know all the must have for that girl grad on the go!

I love to make care package type gifts. And if you have multiple grads to shop for (If you are a grad yourself you will) Then it’s nice to make them similar and the same price point. However, it’s great to customize according to the person you are buying the gift for.

Some things for a dorm are really fun to pick out for yourself let alone getting the exact item you want and color. So a way to find a gift that the recipient would not want to return to the store is usually essentials that any girl would want extras of.

Chevron Tote Bag
Sometimes you don’t want to lug around a backpack. Having a tote or bag devoted just to your studies will allow you to keep it stocked with all of the important things for class that are listed below. You can never have too many tote bags, multiple ones are great for groceries (sturdier, less waste, and great for those trips home!)

Chevron Wristlet
What goes great with a bag? A matching wristlet. No need to dig through your bag for your phone, Student ID, or bus pass. With a wristlet it’s all right at your fingertips.

Personalized Chevron (Wristlet) Key Fob
Make sure they won’t lose their keys with this cute matching chevron key holder. Personalize with their name or school!

Baby Lips
Another thing that will go great in that wristlet is chapstick. If no one has introduced your lips to Baby Lips yet, well… lips meet Baby Lips. This is great for the minimalist in the make-up department or for the make-up artist. The untinted contain SPF and give you tons of moisture and a little shine! The colored give you lips a slight hue of that tint. Less color than a lipstick and more moisture.

NO SPF but brightens your lips!

Arrow Head Erasers
When you take notes you want to feel a little like Katniss Everdeen, right?

Donuts Small Pouch
Cute pencil-case, or make up bag to throw into their book bag!

Pastel Highlighters
They will burn through highlighters so quickly you’d swear someone was using them in a coloring book!   Instead of an 800 page literature book. Pastel will sweeten the words of T.S. Elliot and Hemingway as they gaze adoringly the pastel noted quotes.

Neon Sharpies
Sharpies are always great to have around and the neon make them even more fun to use!

Water Bottle
How better to remind them of home than a personalized “home is where the heart is” water-bottle. CamelBak water bottles are easy to drink out of and don’t leak. Follow this link to Etsy to get one personalized for your grad.  What a great conversation starter!  (Not everyone can use a hand map like those of us from Michigan.)

Chalkboard Wall Decals
Great for the dorm wall to write reminders.  Like where the good coffee is… or when that paper is due.  (Coffee helps write the paper on time!)

Face Wipes
Taking off make-up is the last thing anyone wants to do after a long day. Cleasning wipes are great for before bed, after the gym, or just a freshen up between classes on a hot day. They will grab these when they are in a pinch and can’t or don’t want to wash your face. (Hey, you might want some too!)

eos Shave Cream
You can use this shave cream wet or dry and it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin! I have been converted from the ever so good smelling Skintimate I used all my teenage years. Smells great!  Keeps away razor burn! Adds moisture, softens skin, lasts so much longer than regular foaming shaving creams, and better for the environment! (Since it’s not an aerosol can.)

So some of these items were small, like Baby Lips and Face Wipes. I always try to make my wrapping usable. Why not make the bag part of the gift? Put all the items inside the clutch or the tote bag. The “Dollar Spot” at Target always has cute tins, that you can put small items in. The tin can then be used to store items on the bathroom counter, clothespins in the kitchen (to close up chip bags, cereal, they come in handy!) pens, sharpies, highlighters. They will want more tins after they have one.

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