Graduation Gifts for the Kitchen

This week I am going to cover all your bases for getting the graduates in your life the right gift. It is generous to give money and I’m sure any grad would be happy to receive a monetary investment. But it is really fun to receive a thoughtful present. It’s also a way for that person to remember you, each time they use that particular item.

In this post I will be covering some must have kitchen items. There are so many small items you forget to grab when stocking a new kitchen. A thoughtful gift could help the college freshmen forget one less thing.

Ice Pop Glasses
They will need glasses make them extra cute! Check out these ice pop glasses they also come in other cute designs!

Travel cups

Travel cups are a must have for those 8:30am classes!  Gift one filled with goodies!

Grab a cute tumbler and put a gift card inside of it.  You’ll have the entire gift taken care of at the coffee counter. Or if you know their favorite candy, fill the cup up with their favorite bite sized treat. M&M’s or individually wrapped chocolate work well.  Even cuter, a clear cup filled with Swedish Fish!

If there recipient is a tea drink add some of their favorite tea bags inside.

No need to wrap it up, cups look cute with just a bow!

Here are some cute cups you can go the inspirational route or personalize! Or their favorite coffee brand.
Caribou Coffee “Dream Big” Tumbler

Monogrammed Chevron Tumbler

Silverware Set
This is great for a dorm, or a small apartment, especially when you are sharing a small kitchen! There is never enough drawers or cupboards so these hanging silverware sit on the counter. It looks cute too!

Rubbermaid Containers
Mint lids! I couldn’t pass up buying these for myself when I saw them at Meijer a few weeks ago. I have searched the internet for a place to purchase them but you may just have to go to your local store and look. (After all they are a limited edition.)

These puppies are MICROWAVE SAFE, FREEZER SAFE, and DISHWASHER SAFE. (Which mean safe for a college student, right?) Pack one of these guys up with candies (or bake something for the grad) and present them as a gift! or even put a gift card inside to accompany the containers. Save on packaging and tie with a pretty ribbon!

Fox Oven Mitts
Oven mitts are something that are nice to keep hanging up in the kitchen, so make sure they are cute!

Donut Tea Towels
You can’t go wrong with a cute printed kitchen towel!

Donut Apron
This is a great idea for a baker.

Pizza Cutter
Now I’m not sure how well this bicycle shaped pizza cutter works but it is really funny! No matter if you go the regular pizza cutter route, make sure it’s good quality because it will surely be a beloved item.  (College students love easy to make foods like frozen pizzas or even making their own.)  You could grab a nice pizza pan to go with it or a recipe book. Even a gift card to their favorite pizza place is a nice addition.

Did you enjoy this post?  Share it with your friends!

(If you’re a grad… sharing could inspire some of you gift givers!)

What gift did you like the best?



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