A Multitude of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s getting really, really close to mother’s day! Have you thought about what you are doing for mom on Sunday? (Yes is it actually this Sunday.)

Sometimes I freeze when I comes to buying my mom something but then I remember my mom always likes what I like. She used to borrow my clothes (my 2 sisters included) loves our bags, loves the food we pick out, to the point where any coffee drink or dessert is always gone faster than the speed of light!

So instead of being generic and getting your mom a gift card I have a lot of amazingly funny, charming, cute, useful, tasteful ideas for your mom!

(And you get to take all the credit!)

Be thoughtful.

Think of your mom and her style. Or even something that she would use on a regular basis.

Most moms will say something like “I just want to see you” then make it a day to remember!

Take her to brunch or cook her a meal. Even bake her something. Not a baker? Go to her favorite bakery and bring her a treat. Just remember to buy it ahead of time or order ahead because you won’t be the only one with the great idea! Can’t get to the bakery in time? Take her out for ice cream or coffee!

But sometimes it’s just so fun to unwrap something, so here is my list. I have chosen my top 5 from Barnes and Noble, Paper Source, ModCloth and LUSH. There is even more to look at on our Pinterest board “Gifts”.

Barnes and Noble (barnesandnoble.com)

Barnes and Noble has some great things and not all of them are books. Even though there are a slew of great book choices for mom: cook books, inspirational books, how to’s… you get the picture. Barnes and Noble also makes you stop for the unique gifts they have. Is your mom a tea lover? One of my favorite brands is sold at B&N called Harney and Son’s. They are in cute tins and come in tea sachets so they are so much better than an average bag tea.

Live Simply Porcelain Georgia Mug

Blue Hydrangea Spring Canvas Tote Bag

Cherry Blossom Teapot

Godiva Truffles

Paper Source (paper-source.com)

Paper Source not only has beautiful paper, stationary, and cards but also unique and fun gifts for any special person. From kicked up colors for the kitchen, to silly gifts or bags for on the go, you will be sure to find something for any style mom! Maybe something for yourself too!

It is a really great store to go into if you ever have the chance there is one in Chicago and a new one opening in Ann Arbor. Check out locations when you go on your next trip!

“Home is Where Your Mom Is” Spatula

Wonder Woman Apron

Blood Orange Lip Butter

What I Love About Mom Journal

Nesting Measuring Coffee Cups

ModCloth (modcloth.com)

This site is really addicting. The fun products they have go on and on! Everything is unique a quirky. I love how many cat items they have added recently. So if your mom has an admiration for animals anything you pick out for her from ModCloth will pull at her heartstrings.

Vintage Blue Coffee Maker

Someone Like Mew Sugar Bowl

A Fox of Chocolates Container

You’ve Gato a Call Phone Stand

Mermaid for Each Other Bookends

LUSH- Fresh Handmade Cosmetics (lushusa.com)

Doesn’t mom deserve some pampering? Lush is my favorite brand for cosmetics and bath products. I have been using their products for years. A little at first and now my bathroom is covered in it. I am a little bit obsessed with bath bombs. Because they are a little bit of an indulgence (price wise) for something you use once.

What is a bath bomb you ask? It is usually a round shaped wonderful smelling ball. You drop it in your bath and it begins to fizz and change the color of your bath. It will make you smell heavenly and oh, how soft your skin will be!

The other products are well worth the prince in that they last a long time and they are high quality.

Lush says: “We believe in making effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.”

Here are some products I love…

Ocean Salt (face scrub)

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

Twilight (bath bomb)

Phoenix Rising (bath bomb)

Knot-wrap (no waste gift wrap)

The following Lush products were made especially for Mother’s Day so they are not available year round.

Mumkin (bubble bar)

Mum Tulip

Mum Gift Box

Unfortunately, it is a little late to order something unless you have the cash to do overnight shipping.

No matter what you choose remember to celebrate your mom. That can mean spending time with her over a cup of tea or coffee at home. Watching a movie or a you-tube video she will like. Or even writing her a note to let her know how much she means to you.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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What do you like on this list?


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