5 O’clock at the Oasis

What do you need at a rehearsal dinner besides well… dinner?


Make sure to have a drink you and your guests will remember.  They can be something new or just a classic favorite of the future Mr. and Mrs.

For starters it’s good to have variety.  Make sure there are options for alcohol as well as non-alcoholic drinks especially in the summer, you want to make sure everyone stays hydrated.  It is also important you carry more than just spirits, so no one gets too wild the night before the big day.  Make sure everyone enjoys, but limits themselves.

Starting with the lighter drinks.  Iced tea and tea-monades can be very refreshing and tasty!

Passion Tea (Tazo)

One of of my personal favorites is Tazo passion tea with lemonade. (A drink also available at Starbucks)  You can buy the tea at Starbucks, local grocery store, or online in tea bags.

Teavana has a wonderful selection of teas.  The Blueberry Bliss Rooibos tea (caffeine free) and Pineapple Kona Pop Herbal tea (caffeine free) mixed together is bright and refreshing and good for you!

Blueberry Bliss (Teavana)

Pineapple Kona Pop (Teavana)

You can leave them as tea or add lemonade which will make it sweeter for those not used to tea.  Another option is to keep the tea and lemonade separate and let your guests combine them to their desired taste.  (Some like more tea than lemonade and vice versa.)  It just depends on how many drink dispensers you have.

Green tea (Tazo makes a good one) also makes a great tea-monade and the original Arnold-Palmer with black tea.

Tea Brewing Tips

I have some background in this area, not only because I brew my own at home.  (I prefer tea over coffee unless it is a fantastic mocha.)  I have been a barista at 4 major coffee   chains.

I like to add a little bit of sweetener to my tea during the brewing process.  With an herbal tea like Passion, you can steep as long as you like and the flavor will not get bitter.  With other teas, black tea, green tea and especially white teas, it is important to pay attention to steeping times and temperature of water.  Each tea you buy will tell you the correct temperature and brewing time and it is important to pay attention

However, most will not tell you how to make ICED TEA.  This is very different from making hot tea.  With hot tea it typically is a cup of hot water to a single tea bag.  Iced tea should be double strength like coffee.  This can be to taste, as well but when you make iced tea keep in mind, you are adding ice.  Which will dilute the flavor dramatically, so you need to make up for the lost flavor.  You will go through more tea but making your own tastes so much better, saves you money, and is healthier for you!


For lemonade I would suggest simply lemonade.  It comes in many different fruit flavors or you can go with the plain.

The great thing about having lemonade and tea is it’s easy to make a cocktail out of it.  Just add your favorite spirits and you’re ready to go!  If you choose to do this make sure you clearly label each container or leave the spirits separate and add yourself.  If children are at the party you may want to go this route or have a separate hight table for adults only, a bartender is a great idea if you want the drinks to be fancy and if you want to make sure no one has too much. You could each guest 2-3 ticket vouchers so they are only allowed a certain amount of adult drinks.

There are so many different lemonade cocktails out there so here are 5 I choose that are a variety of refreshing fruit flavors!  For more cocktail inspiration check out our “drinks” board on Pinterest.

Lemonade Mimosas

Blue Vodka Lemonade

Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Frozen Pink Lemonade Margarita

Watermelon Lemonade Margarita

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What’s your favorite summer drink?



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