Planning the Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a wedding is more than just planning the wedding and reception. Today a wedding consists of 4 events that you, as the bride need to plan.

Wedding Rehearsal
Rehearsal Dinner
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Reception

Today’s topic is the Rehearsal Dinner. The dinner is a way for the bridal party and close family to relax and visit before the big event.

What else would the bride do the night before her big day other than have a panic attack?

But it does seem kind of cruel to add one more event to the biggest event of your life.  That’s why it is extremely important that the rehearsal dinner is planned out in advance.  There is no need to create more to do or extra stress.

Having the rehearsal dinner prepared by someone else will be one less thing to worry about for the bride. Some people like to have rehearsal dinners at a restaurant or catered at a special small venue. Others opt to plan a gathering at their home. Some opt for outside in the backyard of a family member or renting a tent and tables and chairs.

The rehearsal dinner can be a fine dining fare or simply a favorite food of the couple.

BBQ or cowboy theme rehearsal dinners are very popular right now.  Even actress, Kate Bodsworth went with a cowboy rehearsal dinner theme.  Below is a picture of their menu that they had printed on a fabric banner.

These tend to go with the popular wedding themes as of late, like the rustic country chic wedding.  If you choose to do the dinner at a home an easier meal option, is always best. However, that does not mean that the meal has to lack imagination or flavor.

First thing is first make sure the people you want there know the time and place.  so send out yet one more invitation, at least it won’t be as many.


If it is a dinner that is outside a small campfire is popular, for roasting marshmallows.  Don’t want a whole campfire?  A s’mores station with small flames is an option.

Cocktails and Croquet

It could be fun to have some games.  For the country theme you could have corn-hole or horse shoe toss.  I really like the idea of croquet.

Intricate Table Decor

There may be some cute decorations you are dying to incorporate into your wedding but the sheer volume of people vs how much crafting your hands can take may not make it to 200 guests. why not do that one cute table setting you saw in the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine for your rehearsal dinner? (That is if you don’t have 50 people attending.)

Random Fancy Desserts

Champagne Jello with whipped cream

Fruit Pops served in wine glasses with Sparkling Wine

Send Off Kit

Biscuits and Honey another gem taken from Kate Bodsworth cowboy themed R.D.

Chocolate Truffle in a ring box

Table Settings

Don’t forget to set the table!  You can keep it simple or elegant depending on the food you serve.

Stick with your colors or go with a neutral table.

Does planning the wedding already has you stressed?   Maybe the ideas just aren’t coming to you, or you just don’t want to plan one more meal?

We have a wide selection of food choices.  From BBQ to full course meals we can please any palette and bring desert!

Don’t forget if you want a tent and tables we can bring that too!  Your rehearsal dinner can be planned in one call.  Let us inspire you and ease your mind before your big day.

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Do you like the idea of a themed rehearsal dinner?


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