Great Gradsby!

You might think that having a party is all about food on a table and making sure there is some good music. Well yes, food is a very important part of the party but creating an atmosphere can leave you and your guests with a party to remember.

Did you ever see the movie the Great Gatsby?

Okay well that is a little over the top… but still party decor doesn’t need to be complicated, to be beautiful or enticing.

The key is to start planning early! There is a lot going on for your grad before they graduate. But if you take a little time with your grad and set aside an evening to work on a DIY project you can get some quality time and some cute decorations.

Another fun idea is to have a Friday night DIY party for your grad and some friends. Plan the project you want to make, have all the supplies or have each guest bring their own (or have each guest bring $10 to cover supplies and dinner if it is an expensive project) order a pizza and get crafting! Each guest could host a DIY party for a different decor option and in no time you could have all of your decorations done in a fun way!

The first item on your agenda: what is your budget? Decide now. Once you decide, make a list or a wish board on Pinterest of decorations you like.

(Check out our graduation board, it has oodles of Pin-spiration!)

Then make a list on paper of the items you want to make.

Next, number them of what is most important to you. This will help you to narrow down and realistically decide what you have time and money to make.

Start with adding color. Mint and navy are very popular this season. Pick a color that you love and would want to keep in your room afterwards for decoration. Or pick a theme, or school colors.

Here are my top picks for decorations.

Lanterns Covered with Poms (You-tube Video)
Poms or paper lanterns can add texture and dimension to a blank wall or space.

Fabric Ribbon Garland
We are big fans of texture and a ribbon wall is a great photo backdrop or the desert table back drop. It will be more inexpensive to do fabric mixed with ribbons as well as add pattern and texture.

DIY Party Lights

Card Box
Don’t forget the card box! Choose one that is decorative and you can reuse for keepsakes.

Ribbon and Fabric Ribbon Draped on the Ceiling


Pom Pom Garland

fringe Balls

How to Make Poms


Poms and Paper Lanterns

Odds and Ends

Here are some things that aren’t decorations but nice to have available to party guests to enhance their experience or yours.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray
Such a cute way to display sunscreen and bug spray for an outdoor party. Helps you and your guests enjoy their time outside and enjoy the party longer!

Wishes and Wisdom

Graduating from high school changes your life. You begin the journey into adulthood and the unknown. For some it means living away from home for the first time. Others, community college but still at home or maybe starting the work force and saving some money. Growing up means a lot of changes and a lot of challenges.

There are many words of wisdom departed to you before you start this new chapter. However, you are too excited to be done with school and enjoy your last summer; that you don’t really remember what was said or written in one of your many, many cards.

I think you should gain as much advice and insight as you possibly can from your loved ones at this time in your life and they should write it down for you. Buy a small binder and hole punch colorful paper, that you can later insert inside of the binder.

Before you mail out the invitations place a card for your guest to write on to give back to you.

Not mailing out invites? You can sit them out at your party.

They can be blank cards or you can prompt the responses by writing something at the top like:

Words of wisdom…
How to survive living on my own…
Cleaning tips…
How to be a good roommate…
How to stand up for myself…
Quotes to remember…
Things to remember when you are stressed…
Things to remember when you are homesick…
Things to remember when you are sick of studying…

I like this idea better than leaving the cards completely blank because sometimes it’s hard to think of something profound to say on the spot. When prompted your guests can leave great examples or experiences to give to you.

If you are going away to college you can write always write a card specific to your school or city you will go to. Ask for advice from guests who have gone to that school or visited that city on where to go and what to do.

Whether you make the decorations yourself, buy in store or online or commission the work to an event planner; you will be happy that you took the time to decorate.

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What decoration did you like best?


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