A Picture Worth Cheesing For

This post began as a general graduation party planning guide. With photo backdrops just being an item on the list of great party ideas. However, after pinning, and pinning, and pinning, awesome backdrop, after backdrop for photo booths; it became apparent photo booths deserved their own spotlight.

Most party hosts are enticing their guests into photos by a take on the traditional photo booths. No longer a box that flashes a camera while you sit and wait for the strip of you face to come out. Photo booths, have become a photographer and a background with props. They are almost a necessity for a party.

It’s a little tired now when a photo booth is all props. We have all seen that before. But a unique background especially one that is themed to your party? It’s a great way to get guests to interact and a fun way to break the ice and get people in a party mood.

Holding a sign saying “congratulations graduate” with their name in the place of graduate is a great way to commemorate the day. But what about making it more personal? What about a speech balloon on a stick, that is a whiteboard or chalkboard, you can write your own message on?

What about a spoof booth? Have the photographer or an assistant surprise the models with silly string or confetti (Be sure to get the eco-friendly kind, there are options for both). Do a jumping picture or play fun music and catch a shot of silly dance moves. Make the photo booth capture the party not just stiff poses or all props.

Here are some fun make your own photo booth ideas or something you could commission or buy for your party.

Polaroid Photo Frame

90’s Party People


Props and Speech Bubbles (This is an example of the write your own speech bubble)


Sail Away with a Sail Boat

Hippie Van

Over the Moon (or sitting on it)

Boat Cut Outs

Tissue Paper Background

Starry Night Sky

Hot Air Balloon

The great thing about this is you can tailor it to your style, or your party theme. If you want a little whimsy, you can have your photographer shoot above your guests while they lie on the grass on a backdrop. What a cool idea! There are so many possibilities with this and it is a sure-fire way to crack up your spectators!


Super Heros

You can even do a slide show viewing after your guests have all taken photos!

Did you find this helpful? Share it with your friends!

What is your favorite backdrop idea?

Did this spark any of your own ideas for a fantastic photo shoot?


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