Cake vs. the Cupcake for Parties

You are planning a party. You know all the food you are serving but you are stumped on one last thing. What do you serve for dessert. Cake or the ever popular cupcake?


Really cupcakes and cake are the same thing. They are both cake and frosting. Now there are many different kinds of cake and frostings. What I find so enticing about cupcakes is the flavors usually get more creative and exotic.


With a large cake, a classic simple flavor is usually chosen to appeal to a wider audience. This typically means you are going for a chocolate, white or yellow cake, with white frosting. I say white frosting because it is most commonly chosen as the canvas for a cake design.

Decorations on a cake especially a sheet cake are usually very simple or just a few words. It can also be a flop, if tried at home without much practice. Decorating, in frosting is much harder than one realizes and you have to purchase the proper piping tips and bags. It can get messy and add up, let alone all of the time it takes.

Cupcakes are a simple solution. Sheet cakes unless made by a real bakery are just taking up space. They may look pretty with “Congratulations Graduate” in cursive or an edible printed picture but they can also be kind of lackluster. You also face the problem of having to serve cake.

If it is an open house party, you might not want to have a knife out for each guest to cut their own piece. So does that mean you will stand by the cake and cut each guest a piece as they want one? Not really a great way to spend an hour. It is messy to cut a cake and the pieces never look as beautiful as they do in pictures of cake served on plates. They usually fall apart or flop over on the plate. Let alone the frosting ratio is a rare and hard commodity to come by.

You could just cut the entire cake at once and set each piece on a plate for future consumers. Unfortunately, cake will begin to get stale on the edges exposed to air and again the presentation is lost once cut.


The cupcake, has its own paper liner you peel yourself before you eat it. That means guaranteed freshness for each guest. The liner can usually be the only piece of disposal for a cupcake (Especially those 18-year-old boys, who insist on devouring a cupcake in two bites). If you are already serving food open house style, then you will already have forks, napkins and plates. Those who would like to use a plate and a fork for their cupcake are able to help themselves. It is also, much easier to send home extras to guests (if there are any).

What you and your guest will really love about the cupcake is the variety. You can have more flavor options than you can with just one large cake.

Pictured below is Classic Catering and Events Root Beer Float cupcakes:

If it’s a graduation party your graduate can pick her favorite or her top 3 favorites. 2-3 flavors is most likely your magic number here. My suggestion is have your guest pick their favorite classic flavor, and fancy flavor. It is smart to always have something chocolate, then you have room for a fruit flavor or even 2 different ones. Let alone a candy bar flavor, coffee, mint, pumpkin, carrot, or traditional vanilla with the frosting tinted the grad’s school colors. There are many, many, choices!

Another option is to have a theme to the flavors. There are many different type of drink cupcakes out there, from root beer float, to pink lemonade to coffee.

Decorations can be simple like sprinkles or a little pick in the cupcake from a name, to the year, or even a theme design. There is always a single piece of mini candy option or edible decoration. Most of the time the frosting itself is piped well enough that is its own decoration. If you go with multiple flavors be sure to advertise the flavors next the cupcakes. As easy way to do this by typing and printing out the words of the flavors onto paper, and putting them in a frame next to them on the table.

Cupcake Towers:


Of course cake and cupcakes aren’t the only option when it comes to an event. But cake is usually served as a dessert of celebration. Many view cupcakes as a fad but I see them has as a far more versatile option. I love the idea of a dessert table with many different bite sized options; but it is hard to find something to take the place of a well made, melt in your mouth, cupcake.

Did you like this post? Share it with your friends. Let us know what your favorite flavors are!


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