The Mighty Mini Brunch

Brunch isn’t just another made up meal like elevensies for hobbits. Or even what you call breakfast after you sleep late on the weekend. Oh no, brunch is a sophisticated affair where you socialize with your friends and make dainty finger foods that are scrumptious.

Brunch doesn’t have to be all mimosas and crepes what about some of your breakfast favorites but shrunk down to a bite sized morsel?

The mighty mini menu. Who doesn’t love mini things? It leaves room for you to try everything, if you can’t or don’t want to make up your mind. It’s been very popular for celebrity bashes as of late. But I think it’s just hard for anyone to resist a mini or baby version of an already fan favorite.

I will break down the menu into categories you could do an all pancake or all waffle brunch. Or choose to mix it up and do a little of everything. Don’t forget to take a look at our brunch board on Pinterest for more ideas.


Kabobs of Pancakes: These sweet stakes are pretty simple. All you do is make your pancake batter like normal, turn on the griddle, and you’re ready to create half-dollar sized darlings. I would suggest using a melon baller or small scoop to help you get the portion sizing the same for each cake.

Lollipop Pancakes: This would be a big crowd pleaser for kids or those of us who are kids at heart.

Spiced Apple Filled Pancakes: This just looked so yummy and still bite sized .


Much like pancakes but a little more crunch which is why I prefer the waffle. You could very well kabob the mini waffles with fruit and different breakfest meat. Sausage or turkey sausage. Many pins showed one edge of the waffle dipped in chocolate. You could even dip in chocolate then chopped nuts.

Bite Sized Waffles: I really liked the look of these they were a little abstract looks like you would just take a regular waffle maker and not fill each section completely, to create your own mini waffle and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Heart Shaped Waffles: You would need a heart-shaped waffle iron for this one but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind homemade waffles on demand.

Waffle Mini Doughnuts: See you already can use your waffle maker for something other than waffles, this is a recipe for donuts in a waffle maker. There are a lot of different recipes for waffle makers out there too.

Bread Bowl Eggs: I am a big bread fan especially bread bowls. I thought this next one was really cute and also another great finger food. You put your egg, any desired veggies or meats all in one bite sized bowl of delicious bread.

Bell Pepper Rings: This is a healthy option and really beautiful. It’s also much easier to cook and serve a fried egg in this fashion.

Bacon Cup Scrambled Eggs: Bacon is slowly taking over the world right now. A bacon cup sounds crispy and tasty!

Mini Eggs Benedict: A perfectly poached egg perched on a bed of Canadian bacon and English muffin, drizzled with hollandaise sauce. Not to mention in mini form, sounds like you’ll need to make extra.

Frittata: Some call them frittata or egg bakes but you can make them in regular or mini cupcake tins. Just remember to oil or butter the tin first. But it is an easy egg option where they are all cooked at once.

Coffee with Donut Stirrer: I thought this was a really cute idea to dress up a coffee cup. You can even use a glass cup or chocolate spoon. But who doesn’t love a donut with coffee?

Fruit Kabobs: Cutting your food into fun shapes to keep with a theme. Either way the kabobs are healthy and brightly colored no matter what fruit you pick.

Yogurt Parfaits: There are so many different styles of cups or flavors to choose from when doing a parfait. You could always do two different types of parfaits to give your guests options.

Mini Donuts: Pancakes and waffles are already like dessert but you can never have too many bite sized sweets. These donut are baked and beautiful.

Chocolate Bowls: You can always purchase pre made chocolate bowls but these DIY bowls look fun and easy. All you need are small balloons, dip the balloon in the chocolate, let harden and you have a chocolate bowl! Double broilers always work best for heating chocolate so you don’t scald or burn it.

If you are going to do a mini menu, the easiest way is to pick items that can be finger foods. There are some things you might need like mini glasses for parfaits, mini spoons, kabob sticks, and lollipop sticks. Some cute plates and serving tongs and you’re good to go. But don’t forget the mimosas and coffee!

A great deal of the items can be prepared before the guests arrive, but some things need to be kept warm, or cooked as needed. That’s why having a catered brunch would be a great way for you to relax and enjoy your friends and bite miniature morsels!


3 thoughts on “The Mighty Mini Brunch

    • Thanks OllyTemur! I love fruit with pancakes. The only time I have had mini pancakes like this is from a restaurant called “Orange” in Chicago, IL. They do pancake flights, there are 4 mini stacks of pancakes all different fantastic flavors. They change the flight weekly and they area always themed and interesting flavors. But you can always make your own at home!

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