3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Graduation Party Catered

To cater or not to cater, that is the question you face for any social gathering or event you plan. If you have a son or daughter graduating at the beginning of June you may just be faced with this dilemma.

We have three reasons why you should cater your child’s graduation party. As well as bringing to light things you may not have thought about, if you were planning on preparing it all on your own.

1. Physical, Mental and Emotional Well Being

If you choose to do it all. You will feel like you did it all. To be honest this makes the event go by in a blur. Just shopping for all the items is a large task. Not to mention the numerous times you forgot an ingredient; or something took more cream cheese than you realized. And you guessed it, you must run back to the store.

The time you finally get to spend with your guests, your mind will be so preoccupied. Running through if the food is okay, things are clean or if you need to refill something. Odds are you won’t be well rested and you will look back and feel the event went way too fast and you didn’t enjoy it as much as you would have liked.

2. Safety

Preparing your own food is something you need to be knowledgeable about. You also have to realize all that you will need, to create and maintain your own food. Do you have enough refrigerator space? Will this cause you to go out and spend more money on meals to feed you and your family, while you are taking every last inch of counter and refrigerator space? Not to mention the oven filled with all of those cupcakes. Will you have to feed your family pizza or fast food the next two days while you prepare for the party? Will you have to buy or rent chaffing dishes to display and maintain the food? What about platters to serve the food? Serving utensils?

With a licensed caterer all the food preparation will be overseen by someone with a Serv-Safe certification. There will be guaranteed safe food handling, gloves will be worn. Things will be fresh and always maintained at the proper temperature. Your guests will be comforted that a professional created and maintained the food from start to finish.

3.Cost vs Time

Yes catering sounds like it will cost more than preparing your own food. But as we mentioned earlier will it cause you to have to outsource for meals while you prepare? Because of lack of room or there is just too much to do? Do you think of the energy you use to make a meal for over 100 guests? How much of your time are you going to invest in that endeavor? I will tell you it will be 48 hours. At least, and I’m not exaggerating. That does not include time you are sleeping.

You will spend a day preparing food, setting up, getting up early to set it out for the party. Then the entire next day cleaning up and washing a mountain of dishes.

Do you want to miss out on your event because you are playing chef, server, and hostess? All of that time could be spent more enjoyably. Making photo collages or finding school memorabilia. Most importantly time spent with your guests, conversing with your friends and loved ones who most likely traveled a fair distance to attend your child’s graduation.

Great thing is we’re not just a caterer…

We are also an event company. Which means we have everything you need to create a framework for a party, let alone provide the atmosphere.

Tenting can be the way to go. We set them up and we can even decorate for you. An outside party is a great way for people to not even have to enter your home. So no worries about cleaning the house! We can even bring executive washrooms to you, if you are planning on a large amount of people. Or just don’t want the foot traffic in and out of the house.

Tents make it so:
-You have shade
-The mess stays outside
-Shelter if it happens to rain.

On a budget?

We have a Graduation deal going on:

1- 20×20 White Frame Tent
4- 8′ Banquet Tables
32- White or Brown Samsonite Chairs
4 FREE Quick Covers or Linen Table Cloths

for only $295 (includes tent set up)

A sure-fire way to get more guests is to put on your invitation that you are having the party catered by Classic Catering & Events. It will entice more people to attend.

We are certain if you did the math on how much you would spend in groceries and really thought about the amount of time you would have to put into preparation, you will realize all of the time and stress you take off of yourself.

That would leave you time to just be proud of your child and savor the last few months you have them home before they depart for college. You will be glad that you took the stress out of your event and handed the planning over to the planners.

Keep in mind you can have us do it all or just bring the tent, or even just the food.

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